Sarah Deters Design & Illustration Hamburg

First things first: I love my job!


I, Sarah Deters, née Mählen, have been working as a freelance designer and illustrator since 2013.

My passion for interior design and visualization has evolved to include a specialization for decorative and informative illustrations for a wide scope of applications.

What can I do for you?


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I create colorful illustrations for greeting cards, exhibits, books and many other creative platforms.

I use different styles and techniques as needed, working with both analog pen and paper and digital methods.

Check out my latest ventures in handlettering in my portfolio and social media profiles.


Interior Design


As a licensed interior designer, I enjoy letting my experience flow into the creation of descriptive visualizations.

I would love to contribute my ideas to support the form, function and material of your project.

Furthermore, I can support you throughout a comprehensive process from rough idea to refined conceptual design.


What else?


Aside from my actual job as a designer and illustrator, I love to experiment with other creative methods like painting and photography. Get to know this side of me in social media profiles and my small online shop over at DaWanda.


Sarah Deters // Dipl. Designer (FH) // // phone: +49 (0)178 826 17 17

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